City of Wilmington, Delaware Inspections, Requirements and Fees

This Information will help you understand the extra cost involved set by the city of Wilmington, DE. Due to the new rules in the City of Wilmington there are inspections and permits that need to be obtained by Basement Pros and Other Contractors to complete the waterproofing of your basement. The City of Wilmington has required the following.

1. Permits. Basement Pros is required to obtain a work permit from the city of Wilmington. We will facilitate the inspections required by the city to complete our work. There are 4 main inspections that the city requires. 1. Plumbing, 2. Pre-Concrete inspection, 3. Electrical and 4. Final Inspection.
Cost will be determined at the time the permit is obtained. You the homeowner are responsible for these additional costs which are not included in the work agreement.

2. Plumbing. Basement Pros is not a plumbing contractor and the city requires all sump pump water to be discharged into the sewer system. This will require a City Licensed plumber to complete sump pump connection into the Sewer. You will need to hire a plumber and he will schedule the inspections needed.
(Cost will vary depending on your Plumbing Contractor)

3. Electrician - A GFI or a Dedicated Circuit is required by the City of Wilmington to be installed for completion of any Sump Pump Installation. Basement Pros will gladly assist you in obtaining an Electrician to complete this work. Electrical Inspections are required by the City and must be presented at final inspection.
Average GFI installation Cost 350.00 + Inspection cost of 120.00
(Cost will vary depending on your Electrical Contractor)

4. Final Inspection. The City of Wilmington will require a final inspection to inspect all work.
Generally this process should only take a couple of days but due to the inspection requirements it may take a little longer. Please understand that Basement Pros does not control the City of Wilmington Inspector's Schedules, we do the best we can to expedite the process as seamless and quickly as possible.

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