Understanding How Water Enters Your Basement

The Stages of Water Damage to the Foundation of Your Home.

      Stage Three
    • Cove area seeping water causing damage to paneling,
      dry wall, carpet and furniture
    • Creating conditions favorable to insects
    • Possibly a small amount of silt in cove area


      Stage Two
    • Possibly some actual water in the cove area
    • Wall or floor are wet to the touch
    • Combination of signs from the first stage

      Stage Four
    • Mud and heavy water start coming into the basement
    • There could be holes in the walls
    • This is the last stage before replacing the foundation

Other Serious Water Infiltration Issues

    basement excavation wall moisture wet walls
    • Health Hazards such as fungus and mildew thrives in high humidity in a moist basement. Allergies, chronic colds and related respiratory ailments may result.
    • Electrical Hazards from exposed wires and outlets. Water is a conductor of electricity.
    • Rotted Support Beams. Water, rodents and insects such as termites invade the home through foundation cracks. Seven out of ten houses with termite problems are totally undetected until it is too late.
    • Decreased Home Value. Homes with visible mold growth may prohibit you from refinancing or prevent a potential buyer from obtaining a mortgage. A wet basement
      can decrease the resale value of your home by as much as 25%.

  • No matter what type of foundation you have..
    We can repair and waterproof it!