The Fortress Carbon Fiber Stabilization System

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is now a proven, popular alternative to steel reinforcing structural substrates in residential and commercial applications. Carbon fiber is highly effective at adding tensile strength to concrete blocks and poured walls. It is superior to steel since it is stronger and non-corrosive. It can also be bonded to the surface of concrete   structures at any time to stop bowing and cracking. This allows limitless applications for new constructions, repair, retrofit, and seismic upgrades.

Studies conducted over the last 20 years confirm that carbon fiber is a strong, durable and safe product. Carbon fiber does not rust, nor is it susceptible to alkali deterioration. Once carbon fiber is encapsulated in any epoxy matrix, strength is locked in, it will not stretch, creep, or bend over time.

Fortress Carbon Fiber Stabilization System

· Non-obtrusive - lays flat to substrate
· No destructive attachments made to the floor or ceiling
· Inclusive of Kevlar provides additional shear strength—Stronger then traditional steel beams
· Grid is fully encapsulated in epoxy anchoring it in place
· Able to conform to bowed walls
· Can be painted for smooth clean look
· Lifetime Warranty on Strapping
· 7 Years Guarantee on Labor


MSDS For Epoxy

Epoxy A 4020
Epoxy B 4020
Epoxy A 4550
Epoxy B 4550
Epoxy 526A
Epoxy 526B

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