Crawl Spaces – Recommendations & Guidelines

Dirt crawl spaces are usually damp from water evaporating from the ground below and from water flowing into the crawl space. Ground soil has a very high humidity level. In a dirt crawl space or dirt floor basement, water vapor is constantly leaving the ground and entering your home.
Crawl spaces with a concrete floor and cinderblock foundation walls are also prone to moisture from porous blocks, especially if there is not a functioning drainage system.

The "Basement Pros" Sub-floor Dual Pressure Relief Drainage System:

Drainage Trench
When installing the DPR Drainage system, the basement floor is typically opened up approximately 14 to 16 inches from the wall.

The loose concrete is removed and the drainage trench is dug alongside the footing.

All debris are removed from the basement and hauled away to a concrete recycling plant.

Basement Trench

Structural Floor Spacer
When there is a hot water heater, furnace or other obstruction present, we typically leave the section of the floor intact below it and that is referred to as a "structural floor spacer".

This eliminates the need to have such obstructions temporarily removed, saving you unnecessary expense.

Cinderblock Moisture Relief

Can Hold 2-3 Times it's Weight in Water. Cinderblock foundations are very porous, a single cinderblock can hold 2 to 3 times it's weight in water!

Homeowners who have applied wall paints and sealants, often times unknowingly exacerbate the situation by creating a dam effect.

Elevated moisture levels in the block wall lead to unwanted mold and mildew growth as well as efflorescence - a white powdery substance that is visible on the wall.

Cinderblock Water Retention

Cinderblock Weep Holes
With cinderblock foundations, weep holes are drilled into each hollow core of the first course of block to release any water that may be holding in the wall cavities.

These weep holes also prevent against any future water retention in the block wall.

Corrugated Drain Tube

Perforated - Corrugated Drain Tile
We only install perforated - corrugated drain tile that is wrapped in a commercial grade filtration material to prevent fine sediments from clogging your system over time.

Drainage and Moisture Protection

Dura-Wall Panels
With a cinderblock or stone foundation we install our Dura-Wall Panels, typically at a height of 24 inches. Dura-Wall panels are made of a waterproof plastic and are neatly attached to the wall with white matching rivets and joined together with matching connectors and corner pieces.

These panels provide your wall with unmatched drainage and moisture protection.

Plastic Vapor Barrier

Polymeric Plastic Drain Board
Prior to re-cementing your floor we install a black dimpled polymeric plastic drain board which protects the weep holes and a 6 mil. plastic vapor barrier over the stone base as shown in the adjacent picture.

We add a vinyl & acrylic bonding additive to the cement mix which enhances the tensile strength and the adhesion of the new cement to your existing floor.

Oil Tank Drainage Field

Oil Tank Drainage Field
In the event where larger obstructions are present, such as an oil tank, we perform what is referred to as an "oil tank drainage field" .

Sump Pump Basement Drainage System

Finished System and Sump Pump
The adjacent picture displays what the finished system and sump pump set up will resemble.

This picture is displaying a pump set up with the optional battery back up system.

Ameri-Cover Encapsulation of Crawlspace

Ameri-Cover Encapsulation
is a fiber-reinforced flexible membrane used to create a continuous, permanent barrier from external moisture and earth gases in crawlspaces and basements. Ameri-Cover transforms a dirty, damp crawlspace into a clean, dry storage space. Ameri-Cover is strong and durable enough to be walked on.

Ameri-Cover exceeds all ASTM E-1745 requirements for a vapor and moisture barrier and is required when constructing closed or conditioned crawlspaces.

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