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Jack H.                                   
Wilmington, DE 19709 
Category: Basement Waterproofing
Angie’s List Member Report
Date: May 14, 2014
Contractor:    Basement Pros

“To begin with, when Pete, the sales rep, came out to spec the job, I could sense he was going to be honest and fair. I was in desperate need of a French Drain and sump pump installation (long overdue), and a patch to a crawl space leak (new), which forced my hand into finally having the water issues addressed. Well, the meeting with Pete went very well, not being aggressive, but just making his              recommendations of what I needed to have done; and how Basement Pros could do it. Then came the quote for the work he suggested should be done. It was an offer I could not refuse. I told him "Keep your pen out, you have the job". I was sure I was doing the right thing, and it was.

The work was scheduled to be done one week later, and Donny (job foreman) and his crew showed up promptly when they said they would for both days of work. The entire crew was courteous, polite, and respectful the entire time they were on the job. Plus, there was no cell phone horse#&%@ at all. I won't tolerate that; and it was obviously something that Donny and Basement Pros will not either. Early in the beginning of day one, Donny told me to feel free to come down and ask questions, and see how it's going. A positive gesture; I thought. Anyway, The two days work went very well for the French drain, Crawl space leak repair, and liner for the space.

BTW, this is a family business; and they do not sub-contract any of their work. That is something they pride themselves in; and they should. I feel any prospective customers should for sure hold that fact high in their considerations.

I would also like to mention that I feel the money spent for the subscription to Angie's List was money well spent. The previous reviews for this provider were 'spot-on', making it easy for me to determine who to call for the work. For anyone reading this review, I could not         recommend Basement Pros and their entire staff any higher. My thanks to everyone involved in my making the decision to go with this   provider.”

Chris L.                         
Garnet Valley, PA 19060
Category: Basement Waterproofing

Angie’s List Member Report
Date: May 29, 2014
Contractor:    Basement Pros

“If your looking the best work for waterproofing your basement these guys are seriously awesome! They installed a French drain and     repaired 5 major cracks in my foundation in 2 days! Their work can only be summed up by one word "excellent". The gentlemen who came out to do the work were very respectful and open to explaining exactly what they were doing. You could instantly tell they are not out for a quick buck, quality work is the only thing they know. No contest Basement Pros are by far the best guys for the job!”

Corey R.
West Chester, PA 19060
Category: Basement Waterproofing

Angie’s List Member Report
Date: June 13, 2014
Contractor:    Basement Pros

“Wow, wish every company was this honest and thoughtful. I called because I have a leak in the corners of my basement and I wanted a quote to fix that. I was worried it would cost thousands. The woman asked if my downspouts were located in those corners (they are). She advised me that all I need are extensions to make sure the water is flowing far from the house and that should fix the problem for under $40. Really refreshing to know a company would be honest instead of coming out and up charging me for a job I can obviously handle   myself. “


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