Above Footing Systems Do Not Relieve Hydrostatic Pressure

Above Footing Systems

Drain systems installed on the top of a footing are not low enough to adequately handle or relieve high water table conditions beneath your homes foundation.

While this type of system is much easier and more cost effective for the contractor to install, it is not the proper choice for a homeowner who is experiencing water seepage that is determined to be from "hydro-static" pressure.

The retail pricing, when compared to a more comprehensive sub floor drain system is typically the same or in some instances even higher!

Don't be mislead. Protect your valuables and hard earned money with a time tested method that has proven to be effective for over 50 years!

The Basement Pros Sub-Floor Dual Pressure Relief Drainage System
Our Sub-Floor Dual Pressure Relief Drainage System also carries a Dry Basement Lifetime Guarantee.

Sub-Floor Dual Pressure Relief Drainage System

A SUB FLOOR interior drain is the most effective way to relieve "hydro-static" pressure and lower the water table around your homes foundation.

This type of system not only captures any water beneath your floor, but also captures and releases any water in cinderblock or stone foundation walls.

Providing you with a complete system that includes an industry leading dual drain board - vapor barrier to protect your walls from moisture, mold and mildew as well as a filtration material to prevent system clogging.
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