Water Damage

If your basement or crawl space is experiencing water damage from leaky walls or a recent flood, it is completely possible and SIMPLE to return your space back to dry, usable conditions. The process is quick, cost-effective, and ultimately leads to better health and peace of mind, lower spending on your energy bill, and a guaranteed dry basement! Many homes experience water seepage from fluctuations in the water table of the ground surrounding your home’s foundation. This water typically seeps in through the cove area and the lower wall.

If left unattended, a humid, damp, or leaky basement will lead to termite and insect infestation, harmful mold and mildew growth, dry rot, weakening support beams, rust, crumbling walls, electrical and health hazards, and deterioration of your home’s value.

Fungus, mold and mildew thrive in high humidity environments created by moist basements, aggravating allergies and eventually leading to chronic respiratory infections. Water is a conductor of electricity, so exposed outlets and wires in your home’s basement may pose a fire risk if damp or flooded. Rotted support beams and foundation cracks create the perfect environment for insects, and termites. These conditions are completely preventable, but usually go undetected until it’s too late and infestation has already occurred. Finally, most banks will refuse to finance any home with visible mold growth or structural damage caused by a leaky basement, and basement flooding problems may decrease the value of your home by as much as 25%.

Water damage occurs in four stages. First, a damp smell will begin to permeate your home, basement or crawl space, damp spots begin to reveal themselves on your ceiling and walls, mold and mildew may form, and foundation discoloration will become apparent. Second, actual water will accumulate in the area and your walls and floors will begin to feel wet to the touch. Third, water will begin to seep, causing damage to paneling, dry wall, carpet, and furniture. Silt may begin to accumulate on your floors and walls, making an inviting home for insects and other termites. Fourth and last, mud and heavy water will begin to flood your basement, forming holes in your walls and completely destroying your home’s foundation.

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