Foundation Repair

Cinder block foundations are prone to wear over time – that’s why we’re here to repair them! Cinder block walls may eventually form step cracks, following the mortar joints and resembling the shape of steps, or horizontal cracks, usually found near the top or center of the wall and associated with a bowing effect of the wall. While step cracks can lead to shearing or sliding inward from lateral load pressure, horizontal cracks may cause the wall to appear as if it is leaning outwards or expanding. Both types of cracks may be repaired with the use of carbon fiber wall straps to provide support to the weakened areas of the wall.

Ultimate tensile strength

Poured concrete walls can be affected by settlement cracks, these cracks are typically vertical and can allow water penetration into the basement or crawlspace. These types of cracks can be repaired from the interior or exterior side of the wall using carbon fiber which prevents the crack from widening over time, the hi-modulus epoxy and curing panel creates a waterproof seal.

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Basement Pros is a family-owned and operated waterproofing company servicing the State of Delaware for more than 30 years!

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